Reid Turtleneck
Reid Turtleneck
Reid Turtleneck

Reid Turtleneck

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Your wardrobe should always have a classic knit, look no further than our charcoal rib knit, the Reid Turtleneck. The Reid Turtleneck is back with a warm fabric meaning it won't stretch out of shape and will be that little bit warmer for your pooch. This little warmie looks super cute on walkies paired back with a harness or leather lead and collar. 

Why we love our jumpers:
·  Designed in Melbourne, Australia
·  Harness keyhole for easy and comfortable walks
·  Keep your dog warm and cosy
·  Versatile neck to mix up their style
·  Reduces dog hair around your home
·  Easy to wash and maintain

Polyester, Viscose
Warm hand wash. Line dry
Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

Size Guide

Size Reference:  Italian Greyhound
Neck:  30cm | 11.5" 
Chest:  33cm | 13"
Back:  33cm | 13"

Size Reference:  Boston Terrier, Pug
Neck:  37cm | 14.5"
Chest:  39cm | 15.5"
Back:  38cm | 15"

Size Reference:  French Bulldog
Neck:  42cm | 16.5"
Chest:  45cm | 17.5"
Back:  44cm | 17"

Size Reference:  English Bulldog
Neck:  53cm | 21"
Chest:  53cm | 21"
Back:  50cm | 19.5"


Reid Turtleneck
Reid Turtleneck